Approved naming “Dao Van Tien” for individuals of four different animals

The naming of animals is a critical aspect of conservation efforts, as it allows researchers to identify and study specific individuals and populations. Recently, a new naming convention has been approved for four different animal species – the ‘Dao Van Tien’ naming convention. In this article, we will explore the significance of this naming convention and its impact on animal conservation efforts. We will also provide insights into the four animal species that have been approved for this naming convention, and the importance of accurately identifying and tracking these individuals in the wild. Join us on this journey to discover the importance of the ‘Dao Van Tien’ naming convention and its role in animal conservation.

The original of the name of Professor Dao Van Tien

Many years after his death, the name of Professor Dao Van Tien, the researcher who contributed to laying the foundation bricks for the construction of National, Science&Techese biology, was given to individuals of four different animals. .

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According to documents from VNU, as a student at Indochina University, Professor Dao Van Tien and his classmates participated in research under the guidance of Professor Boris Noyer, who is in charge of the Laboratory of Biology and Medicine. The results of the research on tortoiseshell blood and its use of the heart in physiology were published in the scientific journal of the University of Indochina in 1943. Two years later, he published the book “Scientific Nouns” – Vocabulaire Scientifique – Biology (Biology, Physiology, Animals, Plants, Geology…)”, printed at Minh Tan Paris XIV Publishing House and prefaced by Professor Hoang Xuan Han.

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During the resistance war, he went to the Viet Bac war zone to teach at the Military Medical School, the School of Basic Science and Pedagogy. After 1954, when the University of Education & Science was established in Hanoi, he taught at the Faculty of Natural Sciences with biology subjects. In 1956, the University of Science and Education was divided into Hanoi National University of Education and Hanoi General University (now VNU), he continued to teach and research as the Dean of the Department of Biology.

During this process, he initiated and implemented many basic researches that laid the foundation for National, Science&Tech’s biology through the program “Basic investigation of fauna, parasites and insects in the North of National, Science&Tech”. National, Science&Tech” (from 1957 to 1971) as well as many specialized books “Volvertebrates” (1971), “Mammal Survey of Northern National, Science&Tech” (1969), “Q&A about animals” (1973) )… Therefore, when he died in 1995, biologists Vern Weitzel and Colin P Groves (Australian National University) assessed that “Professor Dao Van Tien has trained generations of National, Science&Techese scientists. and led the Department of Biology through the difficult years after peace was restored. Although Professor Dao Van Tien’s main works mainly focus on mammals, his advice and guidance has never been limited to it. The great biologists in North National, Science&Tech now respectfully call him teacher. It is difficult to overstate the importance of this wise and polite man in the history of National, Science&Techese science.”

For these achievements, in 1996, he was posthumously awarded the First Ho Chi Minh Prize for the collection of basic research works on zoology in National, Science&Tech (1957-1980). Currently, the cities of Nam Dinh, Nha Trang and Quy Nhon all have streets named after him, said Professor Dao Tien Khoa (Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology), the son of Professor Dao Van Tien.

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Talk to TmorningProfessor Dao Tien Khoa also added, “Thanks to the help of students, friends and former colleagues of Professor Dao Van Tien, our family is known as an international research community in biology. named Dao Van Tien for four individual animals. Unfortunately, Professor Dao Van Tien was not aware of this information because the naming of these animals was done after his death.

Tonkinomys daovantieni – a species of karst rat

Approved naming "Dao Van Tien" for individuals of four different animals
Approved naming “Dao Van Tien” for individuals of four different animals

Four animals named Professor Dao Van Tien: Tonkinomys daovantieni – a species of karst rat living in the mountainous areas of northern National, Science&Tech (Guy G. Musser et al. “Description of a New Genus and Species of Rodent (Guy G. Musser et al.) Murinae, Muridae, Rodentia) from the Tower Karst Region of Northeastern National, Science&Tech”, American Museum Navitates 2006); Opisthotropis daovantieni – a species of stream snake native to the tropical forests of southern National, Science&Tech (NL Orlov et al. “A new species of mountain stream snake, genus opisthotropis gunther, 1872 (serpentes: colubfudae: natfucinae), from the tropical rain), from the tropical rain forests of southern National, Science&Tech”, Russian Journal of Herpetology 1998); Ancherythroculter daovantieni – a freshwater fish that lives in the North of National, Science&Tech. (Maurice Kottelat “Freshwater fishes of northern National, Science&Tech”, Environment and Social Development Unit East Asia and Pacific Region, World Bank Report 22558, June 2001); Lecithodendrium daovantieni – a species of slug that often lives in symbiosis with mountain bats in the Kim Son area, Ninh Binh (PN Doanh et al. “Infection status and molecular identification of digenean cercariae in snails in Kim Son district, Ninh Binh…” Academia Journal of Biology 2019). is the sponsor of the verified information and exclusive images for this article. thanks for watching and see you in the next article

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